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A baby sleeping bag is a kind of blanket that your baby can wear to sleep in. Little Penguin sleeping bags have a hole for the neck and for each arm, and are fastened with two poppers at each shoulder, to help keep your baby at the right temperature throughout the night.

Little Penguin sleeping bags are the the perfect alternative to loose blankets for your baby. Using a sleeping bag prevents your baby from pulling the blanket over their face, getting tangled up in it, or kicking the covers off and waking up when they get cold. Little Penguin sleeping bags are designed with safety in mind, and keep your baby at the perfect temperature all night long.

Little Penguin sleeping bags come in three different thicknesses, measured in ‘togs’ - the international measurement for thermal resistance in textiles. When you order a Little Penguin sleeping bag, we’ll include a Little Penguin thermometer for your baby’s room. A 0.5 tog sleeping bag is perfect for the summer months, suitable for use in room temperatures of 24-27℃. A 1 tog sleeping bag is great for in between seasons, for room temperatures of 21-23℃. A 2.5 tog sleeping bag is perfect for the winter months, for room temperatures of 16-20℃.

You should dress your baby according to the room temperature and sleeping bag thickness you have chosen, shown in the table below. We recommend dressing your baby in one layer underneath their sleeping bag, made from a natural fabric such as cotton. However, all babies are different, and you should dress you baby so that they feel comfortable.

Adults also usually sleep with their arms outside the duvet! Little Penguin sleeping bags are designed to keep your baby’s body at the right temperature all night, and the arm holes allow for air flow to maintain the optimum temperature and avoid overheating.

Little Penguin sleeping bags come in size 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months. 0-6 months (70 cm) is suitable for babies from 4 kg and up to 65 cm. 6-18 months (90 cm) is suitable for babies from 8 kg and up to 80 cm. 18-36 months (110 cm) is suitable for toddlers from 12 kg up to 100 cm.

No! Sleeping bags, like baby clothes, are made in a variety of sizes so you can find the right one to fit your baby. Especially at a young age, a sleeping bag that is too big is likely to be dangerous, as baby could slip down inside, so it is important to buy the right size. Little Penguin's sizes are large and roomy, and the biggest size is suitable up to age 3, so use that as a guide to decide whether you think it will be too big for your baby.

All of our sleeping bags have an extra set of poppers underneath the arm holes, which help them to sit more snugly on babies who are tall and thin. Keep these closed until your baby reaches the appropriate weight for the sleeping bag.

In our experience, Little Penguin sleeping bags fit the age group they are intended for. If your baby is above the 95th percetile, talk to us for more advice.

It's important that your baby's sleeping bag is the right size, so we would not recommend using size 0-6 before they reach 4 kg, which for most babies is around 3-4 weeks. For the first few weeks we recommend using a lightweight, breathable blanket made from natural fibres (muslin swaddle blankets or cotton cellular blankets are perfect), making sure you put your baby's feet right at the end of their crib and tucking the blanket under their armpits and tightly under the mattress on three sides, so if they do manage to wriggle around in the crib, at least the blanket will stay in place and out of harm's way. Alternatively you might like to swaddle your newborn, in which case make sure not to use any extra blankets!

Have a look at our swaddle guide - it's also sewn in to our large muslin swaddle blankets so you'll always have a handy reminder. 1. Fold your swaddle blanket in half to form a triangle, and gently place baby with their shoulders just under the folded edge. 2. Hold baby's right arm against their body with a slight bend, then take the fabric on the baby's right over their body and arm, and tuck it securely under baby's left side. 3. Fold the bottom point of the blanket up and tuck it under the top folder under baby's chin. 4. Hold baby's left arm against their body with a slight bend, then take the remaining fabric over baby's body and arm, and tuck it securely under baby's right side.

All of Little Penguin’s sleeping bags are made from 100% cotton, making them soft against your baby’s skin and providing comfort all night long. Our winter (2.5 tog) sleeping bags have an additional internal layer of polyester wadding.

We recommend buying at least two Little Penguin sleeping bags, so you’ll always have one spare in case you need a change in the middle of the night.

Little Penguin sleeping bags can be washed at 40℃ with the rest of your baby’s clothes, and can even go in the tumble dryer on low heat (gentle cycle).

Little Penguin sleeping bags can be bought on our website or by telephone on 073-374-4754. Size 0-6 sleeping bags are sold by various stockists around the country, call us for more details.

Little Penguin's breathable cot bumpers are made from lightweight 3D microfiber mesh which allows air to flow freely into the cot and removes the danger of suffocation should baby press themselves against it. The bumpers also protect baby from bumping into the bars of the cot or getting their arms or legs trapped between them. Little Penguin bumpers come in three sizes and can be adjusted to fit any cot. You can choose between half crib, half cot or complete cot. Little Penguin's breathable cot bumpers are approved by the Israeli Standards Institution (Standard 1548: Baby and child bed and pram mattresses and bumpers)

Our cot bumpers are easily threaded through the bars of your baby's cot, using the velcro tabs to close and tighten them at the ends. Have a look at our video to see exacty how it's done.

Your breathable cot bumpers can be washed in the gentle cycle in your washing machine, and laid out to dry naturally (not in the dryer).

As soon as you place your order we’ll package up your sleeping bag along with a free thermometer for your baby’s room, and send it out straight away. Delivery can take up for 5 working days* depending on where you live, but is often much quicker than that. You can also pick up your sleeping bag from our warehouse in Tel Mond. *During the holiday season deliveries may take up to 7 working days

Items can be returned within 60 days for a full refund, or exchanged for a different item, as long as they are in their original packaging and have not been used or washed.

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