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BIBI – Musical soft toy

Soft toy comforter, that calms and soothes your newborn baby by mimicking mum’s heartbeat and a range of gentle tunes.

  • 6 different sounds
  • Activate by shaking
  • Timer with auto shut-off
  • Cry sensor
  • Adjustable volume

6 different sounds
Heartbeat sound, white noise, nature sounds and 3 soothing melodies.

Activate by shaking
Just shake the toy and the last music played will start again.

Timer with auto shut-off
Music turns off automatically after 10 minutes.

Cry sensor
Comes back on automatically if baby wakes up.

Adjustable volume

Operated by 3x AAA batteries

מופעל על ידי 3 סוללות AAA.

matat Handcrafted by Matat
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